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Virtual Girlfriend Experience: Need Help? 5 Beginner’s Tips

Hi, I’m Sitara, and in today’s post, I’ll be discussing the virtual girlfriend experience (virtual GFE)! I provide the virtual GFE over on NiteFlirt and have done so for the past few years. The virtual girlfriend experience has definitely increased in popularity, especially during COVID-19 where mostly everyone is still indoors. I’ve noticed more interest in the virtual GFE, and several questions about this hot online adventure! I’ll be answering the top concerns I get on the virtual girlfriend experience today!

What Is the Virtual Girlfriend Experience?

To be blunt, it’s a good time with a woman you want to have a good time with. It’s the experience with a woman you crave to be your ideal girlfriend. She can be of any race or ethnic background you desire, have similar kinks and fantasies as you, or enjoy the same views on politics and life.

Every GFE is unique since every woman offers something different, and there are thousands of GFEs offered online and in-person. Some GFEs are with dominant women like me, others with submissive or switch women. Some women are hairy and nerdy, some women are hairless and stoner.

Think about what you want in your ideal woman: What type of body does she have? What are her hobbies? What life experiences are you interested in discussing (travel, career, education, etc.)? What are parts of her personality do you enjoy the most? What are some fantasies you’d love to explore with her?

You don’t need the image of a perfect woman in your head when thinking of your ideal virtual GFE, but having some idea of what you like when engaging in a woman will definitely help you in selecting and having the best GFE possible!

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What’s Included in the Virtual Girlfriend Experience?

What’s included varies significantly person by person. Some women offer virtual girlfriend experiences while also offering in-person services, such as dinner dates, cuddling, and sexual escapades. Others offer solely online experiences, such as texting via NiteFlirt or some other platform, sexting, phone calls, using long-distance sex toys, virtual reality simulations, and camming. I personally offer texting and phone calls via NiteFlirt as part of my virtual GFE.

Finding a Real Virtual Girlfriend

There are several websites that offer virtual girlfriend experience services, such as NiteFlirt, Reddit, SextPanther, Twitter, fetlife, and plain ol’ Googling. You can also find virtual GFEs through any local fetish groups and advertisements in bars and restaurants. For instance, if you google Indian girlfriend experience, I appear on the second or third page. If you google girlfriend experience and specify nerdy, stoner, Latina, and so on, you can also find websites and adult entertainment websites with women to meet your needs!

You can also check out your favorite adult entertainers on clip and porn sites to see if they’re offering any virtual GFE services. Whatever you’re looking for, it’s on the Internet, and your best GFE is only a few clicks away!

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I’m So Shy/Nervous/Weird/Strange. Will Any Woman Actually Enjoy My Company?

Yes. Somewhere, you can find someone to enjoy your company! I personally love and have some of my greatest experiences with shy, nervous, and curious first time guys! If you’re someone who’s new to virtual girlfriend experiences and want to have a good time, spend time reading through her socials and getting to know her through her work. Conversational and engagement skills are what makes GFEs the best for getting right in the mood and making you feel special!

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Why Should I Pay for a Girlfriend?

This is a common question, especially if you’re wondering why to pay a sex worker for her services in general. The reality is the GFE is an experience to remember, an experience free of drama and restraints of a conventional relationship, an experience of quality and personalized attention. There are no strings attached, and you get what you pay for.

There’s social stigma around paying for a woman’s time (which is rooted in patriarchy and other forms of oppression, but that’s for another day) and consideration of finances in an encounter. I always recommend before making a transaction, take time to see what she’s offering and if it’s something you think will be worthwhile!

If you’re looking for a well-travelled hairy Indian woman with big breasts, I’m right here and can’t wait to get to know you!



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