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Turned on by Hiccups? Let’s Explore the Odd Hiccups Fetish

Turned on by hiccups? Get my first ever hiccupping video over on LoyalFans, NiteFlirt, Clips4Sale, and ManyVids!

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So, what are your thoughts on hiccups? Not just mine above, but hiccups in general. No really, what do you think of them? I know there are many fetishes and kinks out there, but some people might be aware of the hiccups fetish. Hiccups, traditionally in most cultures, are seen as sounds that just occur in between meals, when someone is nervous, or for no real reason at all. When they strike, most people find them kind of annoying and just wish that they would end. But, some get turned on by hiccups and kind of never want them to end.

Whether you are new to exploring the world of hiccups or have been turned on by hiccups for many years now, let’s explore the world of hiccups fetish together!

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Video Description

I was in the middle of a busy recording day when BAM! I got the hiccups in the middle of recording a JOI clip. Naturally, I was shocked, but hiccups aren’t going to stop me. In fact, I give you steamy jerk off instructions as you enjoy my hiccups.

Win-win, right? 😉

Turned on by hiccups? Get my first ever hiccupping video over on LoyalFans, NiteFlirt, Clips4Sale, and ManyVids!

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Read This if You’re Turned on By Hiccups

First, you’re not a weird freak or anything negative just because you might have a thing for hiccups. It is perfectly natural to have fetishes and desires that might not be seen in mainstream porn or discussed commonly. (Trust me, I am a phone sex operator, so I have heard my fair share of “secret” kinks).

I want you to ask yourself what makes you happy or aroused when you hear the hiccups. Is it the loudness? The unpredictability? The intensity of some stronger ones compared to others? Is it the person in particular hiccuping?

Maybe you are turned on by hiccups because you think the person hiccuping is super hot. And since this person is super hot, they could do anything and you would totally be into it!

Or maybe you like to see big tits bounce up and down with each hiccup? Or maybe you just love to watch the chest rise unexpectedly when they occur? Maybe, you love to see the back of someone who is hiccuping since you think backs are super sexy?! 🙂

So many questions and things to consider with the hiccups fetish!

Whatever it is, that is just the first step. I presented so many questions, so you get explore why you get so turned on by hiccups.

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Second, are you more into the sound of them itself? I have sold several audio only files of me hiccuping, and people really love how loud and natural my hiccup sound. They say it is like something ringing in their ears, and they are simply aroused by it.

Would you be more into an audio only hiccuping clip or do you like to see the mouth and throat spontaneously move?

Third, how have you explored your hiccups fetish? By searching the Internet, exploring with a partner, or something else? Getting turned on by hiccups is a pretty unique fetish, but you are not the only one out there. This is a real treat for those who love chest movements, sudden sounds, and involuntary muscle spasms.

It is not always fun for the hiccup-er (person hiccuping), but I do not stop when they occur. I just ride them out and press record until they stop on their own!

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