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Turned on By Burps?! 3 Ways to Dive into The Burping Fetish

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Happy Memorial Day weekend for those of you in the United States! I’ll be busy on NiteFlirt taking calls this lovely holiday weekend, but it’s going to be a fun time enjoying the gorgeous spring weather and fireworks. 🙂

Now, burps. Let’s talk about them. Yes, burps are a pretty common experience. Most of us burp every so often, some more than others. Some burps are cute, some are loud, some are accidental, and some are very purposeful.

Yes, turned on by burps is a very real thing. The burping fetish has existed for a long time in the fetish world. With the rise of the Internet, independent sex workers, and more, those turned on by burps have more options than ever to explore their burping fetish! Read about my latest clip for this week below and then scroll down to learn more about exploring your burping desires!

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Burping Cum Countdown Video Description

It’s the end of a recording day, and I was extremely gassy! I let the camera roll and decide to do a cum countdown as I describe my burps. Turns out I was extremely gassy since I burp while talking for a good 15 minutes! I talk about my burps, myself, my experiences with burping in public, and more as I keep you on the edge with my cum countdown.

If you love burps and cum countdowns, you’re going to love this! Who knows if you’ll be allowed to cum or not? 😉

Remember, with every purchase, you experience the connection of being with me, Sitara. I know you’ve searched elsewhere, yet you ended up here. Do yourself a favor and realize what you need, what you crave, and how you can be truly understood with me.

If you’re turned on by burps, get my burping cum countdown here on LoyalFans, Clips4Sale, and ManyVids!

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So, You’re Turned on By Burps? Here’s How You Can Explore Your Desires

If you really loved burps, you definitely enjoyed my video preview. Burps are a lot of fun. Let’s dive into exploring the burping fetish!

  1. Getting to know the burping fetish. So, I want you to ask yourself. What really makes you enjoy burps?
    • Is it the person burping? Like you only get turned on by burps if it’s from someone you know personally (compared to someone in porn)?
    • Or is it the type of burp, such as someone belching really loudly or kinda softly?
    • Or is it watching someone drink a ton of soda or eat food and burp along the way? Kind of like a mukbang style fetish and burping fetish combo? Is it tits bouncing up and down while burping?
    • Is it the situation in which someone is burping, such as out in public and being embarrassed or someone being super confident about their burps that turns you on?
    • There are so many things to consider when thinking about what gets you turned on by burps! These are only a handful of questions, so take some time to really think about what turns you on about burps so you can really explore your fetish from all angles!
  2. Listen and watch a ton of burps.
    1. No really, just watch and listen to a ton of burps. You can find burping clips on almost any site, even those not for porn at all. See if it’s something you really want to add to your porn stash. It doesn’t have to be sexual for you to be aroused by it!
  3. Have fun! No really, you’re not weird or a freak for being turned on by burps. The burping fetish is super common, it’s ok, you are perfectly fine. There are thousands of people turned on by burps, and it is a pretty popular fetish category!
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Did you learn something new in this week’s post?

Until next time, have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Stay safe and be well!

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