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HELLO HORNY GUYS 😀 Ok, if you’re here, you love sexy hairy armpits. If not, why would you be reading a blog and watching a video about sexy hairy armpits? Truly, I never shave or trim anywhere, and my armpits are no exception. I’ve been getting so many requests for a hairy armpit goon session, so here it is 😉 OK, but isn’t my armpit hair so hot, gooner? No, really, my armpit hair is so fucking sexy.

Especially after a hot workout, oh my gosh!! I’ve been working out three to four times a week lately, and I know you’d just love to lick my armpits after a good workout. Then your cock would get so hard and you’d just bust a hot sticky nut everywhere 🙂

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Sexy Hairy Armpits and the World of Maschalagnia

Yes, maschalagnia is a real word. Maschalagnia is the fancy term for armpit fetishism. Some men love the sweat of hairy armpits, sort of like the sweat in between my hairy pussy. Others crave the sensation of their dick sliding in between hairy armpits. Others enjoy licking and sniffing such aromatic, salty armpits. What do you love about sexy hairy armpits? Surely, you’ve got a list.

I know you’ve looked at other armpit videos before 😉 Search around online and then you found me. How many women did you go through before you got to me? How’s that porn stash full of hairy armpits looking? You’ve had a thing for hairy armpits for a hot minute.

Now’s your chance to goon away. Give into all your desires and temptations and just jerk nonstop for my sexy hairy armpits. You know you want to. Fuck, you’ve wanted to for so long 🙂

Message me with your favorite things about hairy armpits 🙂

Talk soon!

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