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5 Reasons You Sniff Panties: Honest XXX Confessions!

Reasons You Sniff Panties: Honest XXX Confessions! thumbnail

Hello! I’m Sitara, and I’m a phone sex operator and solo XXX clip creator over on NiteFlirt, AVNStars, ManyVids, Clips4Sale, and LoyalFans! If you’re new here, read here. Today, I’ll be talking about my new 5 Reasons You Sniff Panties clip!

For the past few months, I have gotten quite a few guys over on NiteFlirt chatting and calling me about their love of panty sniffing and smelling! I had known about this fetish for a bit now, but I noticed a recent increase in guys talking to me about their love of panties.

Some of these guys love wearing panties, others enjoy the scent, others both. Check out this informational and honest clip about five reasons you sniff panties today!

5 Reason You Sniff Panties Video Preview

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Panty Sniffing Video Description

Something about panties turns you on. Something about sniffing panties REALLY turns you on. Whether you’re new to the world of panty sniffing or been in it for a hot minute, you know panties make you weak.

In this clip, I describe five reasons why you love to sniff panties. There’s no humiliation or degradation or name calling. Just me teasing you with my black thong and explaining five reasons you love to sniff and smell panties!

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Get this panty sniffing video here on AVNStars, ManyVids, NiteFlirt, or Clips4Sale!

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Why a Reasons You Sniff Panties Video?

I was debating this topic for a bit now! Sure, I could have humiliated guys with reasons for sniffing panties. I could have teased them with more than just one panty since there are so many reasons you sniff panties.

I think there’s so much stigma around men who sniff panties. Sure, a lot of fetishes and kinks are stigmatized in society. But, panty sniffing?

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It’s been around for centuries. Reasons you sniff panties can vary so much from guy to guy. Maybe he just loves the pheromones of a woman he just had sex with. Or maybe he loves to smell a woman he will never have sex with.

Maybe he loves putting those panties on his dick to feel like she’s right there on his dick.

Or maybe he just loves wearing panties after she wears them to realize how good it feels to wear used panties.

So many reasons you sniff panties, so I wanted to explore them in this short clip!

I love panties, I love exploring the panty and smell fetish, and I love learning all about new fetishes and niches.

My panty sniffing guys just love to have their way with panties. I tease them by calling them panty boys and panty pervs, but you like being called a perv, don’t you? 😉

If you would like to see more panty sniffing, panty fetish, lingerie fetish, other reasons you sniff panties, or smell fetish clips, please let me know! I love hearing from my fans on what makes their dick twitch and shake.

Plus, being a major tease means owning your dick is just half the fun!

On an unrelated note, can you believe how fast this summer has gone? I finished up my summer semester, and I will be taking a break from school until the fall semester, which will be an interesting one to say the least.

What about you? How is your end of summer shaping up to be? Any summer travels? Or just jerking away at home, perhaps? Either way, make sure to follow me on all my platforms and subscribe to my newsletter!

Talk soon!

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Sitara is a dominant hairy Indian nerd, phone sex operator, and solo adult clip creator. I specialize in masturbation instruction, body worship, tease and denial, and more! I've been in the adult industry for a few years now, and I look forward to getting to know you!

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