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Penis Humiliation Fetish: 12 Easy Ways to Explore Your Kink

Get my first ever penis humiliation fetish clip over on LoyalFans, Clips4Sale, and ManyVids!

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So, you think you’ve got a penis humiliation fetish? Or maybe you’ve just been exploring the depths of the Internet and wanted to know more about different fetishes and kink. Or maybe you really just like it when someone degrades your penis. Regardless, I made my first ever clip strictly devoted to the penis humiliation fetish by humiliating cocks of all sizes!


There are many types of humiliation and degradation fetishes and desires, and often times, the penis humiliation fetish is mostly for guys who have a small penis. Small to most men I’ve talked to includes anything less than 5 inches hard. Sure, size is only part of sexual pleasure and satisfaction, but let’s be real.

You know that men are obsessed with their dicks. Big, small, hard, soft, uncut, cut, you name it. If you have a penis, you think about your penis. A lot. And you probably might also think about other penises a lot, too. (Which is a lot more common than people realize given the rise in bisexual encouragement porn, but that’s a whole other story).

So, if you think or know you’ve got a penis humiliation fetish, this week’s clip is for you! Read the description and let’s dive to small penis humiliation, big dick humiliation, and oh so much more!

Penis humiliation fetish video thumbnail

Get my first ever penis humiliation fetish clip over on LoyalFans, Clips4Sale, and ManyVids!

12 Types of Dick Video Description

I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately to humiliate dicks of all sizes. Little 3 inchers, foot long cocks, and more. So, I decided to humiliate dicks of all sizes in this video!

Whether you have a teeny weenie or a big dick, this penis humiliation clip is for you!

Remember, with every video, you experience the connection of being with me, Sitara. I know you’ve searched elsewhere, yet you ended up here. Do yourself a favor and realize what you need, what you crave, and how you can be truly understood with me.

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Why a Penis Humiliation Fetish Video?

Ah, penises. They pay my bills and maintain my lifestyle since they get very weak for me. Big, small, caged, free, they’re all weak for me. I’ve noticed an increase in guys who are super into small penis humiliation and genital humiliation overall lately. Maybe it’s because of the way the world is presently or more little dicked guys are finding me online.

Whatever the reason, dicks are pretty much on any guy’s mind all the time. And a lot of men feel truly emasculated and vulnerable when their small, pathetic penis is put into the spotlight by another person, especially a confident, secure, busty Indian woman.

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So, the penis humiliation fetish makes perfect sense for those wanting true emasculation and degradation. There are millions of small penis humiliation clips in the female domination world, and it’s a really common fetish within female domination overall.

It’s common because it’s taboo. It’s taboo because it’s the truth. A lot of small penises can’t satisfy a woman. Even though size isn’t everything in sex, I’ve got to feel something 😉 And with small dicks, there’s rarely anything to feel!

And for those big cocks, you know those 10 inchers, they just are so massive that they can’t even satisfy a woman. Penises of all sizes have their issues, and that’s what the penis humiliation fetish truly gets at.

Whether you’ve got a big dick, a shrimp dick, or just an average cock, knowing your place beneath a confident woman who’s humiliating your dick is oh so much fun!

Stay tuned for next week’s clip!

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