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New Content! Jack Off to My Lust Cosplay JOI Video!

Hi everyone! I’m Sitara, your favorite Indian phone sex operator (PSO) over on NiteFlirt and your dominant nerdy Indian girlfriend! In today’s article, I’ll be writing about my newest video: Lust Cosplay JOI! This is the first video in my Lust cosplay video and picture set series, so stay tuned for more Lust content!

Lust Cosplay JOI Official Preview

Here’s the official preview and video description.

“I’m Lust from Full Metal Alchemist. 

You know you want Lust. You crave Lust. You always give into Lust. 

Now’s your chance to stroke your cock for my big Indian tits.

Take a good look at my massive 34DD Indian tits as I give you hot, seductive jerk off instructions.

My 34DD Indian tits are ready to tease you as you give into lust again and again and again. 

Know that Lust is my favorite sin. And Lust always wins. “

Lust Indian Titty Tease JOI Video Official Preview

Like what you saw? Did your cock get super excited?

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Before Lust Cosplay JOI, Let’s Introduce Lust

Full disclosure: I’m a major nerdy Indian anime weeb. No really, I don’t just say I’m nerdy for show! πŸ˜‰ I’ve been watching anime for almost all my life, and one of my most favorite animes is Full Metal Alchemist (or FMA for short (and don’t confuse it with fuck my ass lol)). Full Metal Alchemist is a sci-fi historical fiction anime where two brothers use alchemy and science to do the impossible.

Lust Cosplay JOI thumbnail

As they attempt to bring back someone they love, they lose parts of themselves along the way. In attempts to get their bodies back to “normal,” they encounter villains who use alchemy for their own doing. Among these villains, Lust appears and battles with one of the brothers and their colleagues. Unfortunately, Lust perishes in battle, but it’s a scene to remember. She remains a top villain in Full Metal Alchemist and ranks among the highest female villains in anime.

Why Lust Cosplay JOI?

Lust is a super villain who uses her wits and charm to get what she wants. I created this Indian Titty Tease Lust Cosplay JOI video because I resonate so much with this seductive siren. She uses her ways to get what she wants, as a powerful, confident woman should. She also has large breasts, a sultry voice, and powers that leaves men in awe and utter submission. In this Lust Cosplay JOI video, I tease and deny you with my Indian tits and voice, making you wonder when you’ll see my massive tits in this Indian titty tease.

Indian woman in Lust cosplay

I also wanted to do something different since I rarely see Indian women in cosplay, let alone cosplay JOI, and probably no other Lust Cosplay JOI features an Indian woman (unless I missed something in my searches!). Representation matters, and plus, who doesn’t like being teased by gorgeous 34DD natural Indian tits in their face? πŸ˜‰

When was the last time you stroked for a stunning Indian woman? When was the last time you saw an Indian woman in such appealing cosplay? Tell me all about it and leave your thoughts in the comments below!

In this video, I also provide JOI along the way. How often will you get to stroke? Will you get to cum? If so, when will you cum? How fast will you stroke? Will I make you do anything to your balls? How often will you get to see my tits in this video? So many questions regarding this movie, yet all of them can be easily answered with a click. πŸ˜‰



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