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Hot New Jumping Bra Cum Countdown with 100+ Jumps & More!

Jumping Bra Cum Countdown thumbnail

Welcome! Hi, I’m Sitara, your favorite Indian phone sex operator over on NiteFilrt, and I’ve been busy working on new clips and in school! Today’s new clip is a first: a jumping bra cum countdown! Basically, it’s me jumping up and down in my sexy new red bra and teasing the shit out of you, denying you the privilege of cumming until I say the number you can cum to at the end.

I have experience with cum countdowns, but a cum countdown while watching a hot busty Indian woman jump up and down in a new red bra? You gotta see this. Now!

Jumping Bra Cum Countdown Video Preview

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Jumping Bra Cum Countdown Video Description

This new red bra feels super supportive, and I want to see how long-lasting it really is! To test how supportive this bra really is, I jump up and down in it, pull down the straps, and have some fun! Plus, I know you love my big jiggly Indian tits jumping up and down.

I jump over 100 times in this video and tease you with my cum countdown. Who knows? Maybe my tits will fly out! 😉

Get this new jumping bra cum countdown video on ManyVids and Clips4Sale!

All About Jumping in a Red Bra! 😀

So, jumping in a red bra might not seem like a super sexy concept, but hear me out. I was researching trends and also just really curious about how well this bra would be if I were to jump up and down. It was mostly for personal entertainment and curiosity at that point, but then, it hit me.

What if I made a video like a cum countdown when jumping in this bra?

Ta da: jumping bra cum countdown. Now, that would be something new and also something different. I try to make clips that are not super already mainstream since I like to explore new fetishes and desires. In particular, I have experience with different styles of cum countdowns, but a cum countdown while watching a big titty Indian woman jump up and down in a new red bra?

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Now, that’s exciting! Plus, I don’t just like doing straight cum countdowns. I like to extend them by teasing a guy, talking casually and nonsexually, keeping him on the edge. I’m thinking about doing more cum countdowns later on, so if you have any ideas, please let me know!

I already know that if you watch my clips and enjoy my presence, you love big Indian tits to some extent. You love the way they jiggle, bounce, and just consume your life – which is completely understandable. And bras, so form fitting, so nice.

Plus, big Indian tits are so consuming naturally, plus it is right in front as you look at me. Stare at me. Adore me. Worship me. Everything that you could ever want in big Indian tits.

I may consider doing more bra worship and bra teasing videos in the future, too, since I have a ton of content to produce and over 20 bras. So many bras, so many decisions, maybe more jumping bra cum countdowns on the way. Who knows? No really, I love to hear from you, so you tell me what gets your cock throbbing the most. I might also be expanding to panty worship since I legit have over 100 pairs of panties. And I’m tempted to buy more bras and panties for your entertainment and my pleasure.

That sounds fun to me, doesn’t it?



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