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New Sexy Indian Ass Worship JOI: 10 Minutes in Heaven!

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Hello and welcome, I’m Sitara! I’m your favorite Indian phone sex operator on NiteFlirt and curvy cock tease! If you’re new here, get to know me today! I know you’re eager to learn about my new Indian ass worship clip, so let’s begin! Watch the free preview now!

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Official Indian Ass Worship JOI Video Description:

Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear ass lover! I know you’ve been waiting eagerly to see my ass. I know you think about it every day and want to stroke for it whenever I say. You’d love to taste it, squeeze it, feel it, worship it. So, this Valentine’s Day, enjoy my nice jiggly hairy Indian ass in your face!

I describe my ass in detail while giving you some steamy JOI. I know you love jerking for my ass, so in this video, my ass will be on a mesmerizing loop. I squeeze my ass, put it in your face, and repeat in several angles and positions until the very end.

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All About This Valentine’s Day 2021 Clip Series

So, this will be my first time doing a Valentine’s Day clip series! I thought I only had the time to make one clip this year because of my schedule, but I had some more time and adjusted some things! I decided to make a series of clips focusing on different body parts to worship this Valentine’s Day since you’re probably not going out anywhere, especially if you live in America or Europe. Australians and some Asian countries are doing well, but most of the world will be in lockdown or isolation this VDay!

I always wanted to do a series of body worship clips, and I know how much you love my big jiggly tits! I have a few clips on my tits, but I wanted to start this series off with my thick ass for a bit. I rarely make ass clips since I’m still getting the hang of making videos, but I plan on making more Indian ass worship clips this year. And definitely more audio jerk off instruction clips as well, as audio is still my speciality 😉

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Where in the World Is Sitara?

I’m currently adjusting back to school, which is interesting to say the least. Grad school during a civil war, pandemic, recession, and social collapse of America is rather entertaining, but hey, at least my sexy Indian ass gets cocks pumping and brings in the cash!

LOL, but I love my body, and I’m so glad that I have many guys who do as well! Plus, as America falls apart, I can focus on myself and time with my loved ones and work.

I will be releasing new content on Sundays, making it Sundays with Sitara! I have tried to release an extra clip on Wednesdays, but with school, that hasn’t been happening, and I apologize! I am taking more phone calls and chats in the meantime!

I will be taking phone calls on Saturdays and Sundays, chat throughout the week! Text me for a call if you don’t see me live!

I can’t wait to talk with you!

If you have any suggestions for future content or for times to be available for phone calls or live streams, please let me know by reaching out to me on social media or commenting below!



Your Hairy Dominant Indian Nerd

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