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How to Use NiteFlirt as a Customer: Top 6 Tips

Hi guys! It’s Sitara, and in today’s blog post, I’m going to explain how to use NiteFlirt as a customer! Many guys have requested this since NiteFlirt is a new site for many, and new sites can be difficult to navigate, especially if you’re concerned about your privacy, anonymity, and safety on an adult entertainment site. I often get asked by guys on how to use NiteFlirt, understand pay-to-view messages, request custom content, give a tribute, and the safety and privacy of using an adult entertainment website.

Before I Learn How to Use NiteFlirt, What Is NiteFlirt?

NiteFlirt is an adult entertainment website that primarily offers phone sex, but also offers paid live chat, cam shows, goody bags for purchase (goody bags can contain picture sets, GIFs, videos, audio content, documents, or a combination), pay-to-view content, tributes, and more! NiteFlirt’s been around for over 15 years, so it’s one of the more long-standing adult entertainment websites compared to some other adult entertainment platforms, like OnlyFans or iWantPhone.

Here’s what the home page looks like.

How to use NiteFlirt's home page

1. How to Use NiteFlirt and Navigate Like a Boss

I’ve boxed some areas on the home page to make it more familiar for you. Personally, I feel like NiteFlirt is a very straightforward and easy site to use. Then again, I’m also a young person in my 20s, so navigating the Internet is fairly easy for me regardless of site!

Before you create an account, browse around. Look at the image above, and you’ll notice that I boxed some parts. On the top bar, you’ll see:

  1. NiteFlirt’s logo: If you click it, you’ll go to back to the homepage.
  2. Find a Flirt: If you click on this, you can type in what you’re interested in to get flirts with that keyword. For instance, you’re into hairy women. Type in hairy (same for the search in the upper right of the page), and you’ll get all flirts with hairy in their profiles ranked by their rating.
  3. Chat: This is the paid chat feature! There are flirts available to chat 24/7. If you’re interested in a particular flirt, I’d recommend adding them to your favorties (later on in this post) to see when they are online for chat! Note: not all flirts do chat, so if you’re not sure, you can ask them first!
  4. Goodies: Basically, this is the content store. You can search for pictures, videos, and audio files here! The latest and best-selling clips for the month are often featured here, and you can search by fetish, price, content type, age, and so on!
  5. Help: If you’re feeling stuck on NiteFlirt, NiteFlirt has great customer support! Reach out to them, and they’ll take care of you!

On the left, you’ll see different categories for different fetishes and interests. Different NiteFlirt phone sex operators (also known as flirts) have their listings featured in each category. The listings you see already on the homepage will always change since those are flirts who paid to be advertised. Flirts can pay to be featured higher than others on pages, so be sure to browse since there are always more than a handful of flirts available for phone at any given time!

2. How to Use NiteFlirt…Are You Sure It’s Safe and Legit?

NiteFlirt’s old-school layout can be a MAJOR turnoff in wanting to register and issue in learning how to use NiteFlirt. You might think that this site doesn’t get regular traffic or have “real” people on it. I can assure you that I’m a real person, my callers are real, and NiteFlirt gets traffic, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

A legitimate concern with how to use NiteFlirt is its safety and anonymity. Too often you hear of adult-related sites with leaks and hacks and fraud. NiteFlirt is very secure, safe, and anonymous. Since I started on NiteFlirt, I’ve never had my number or financial information compromised. NiteFlirt has strict terms about contact information for both members and flirts.

In addition, NiteFlirt uses encryption for all transactions, and they accept credit and debit cards as forms of payment. They also verify that all flirts are of legal age and are themselves, preventing fraud and any legal issues with underage activity. I trust NiteFlirt, and I’m confident that you can be safe in exploring your fetishes and desires on NiteFlirt, too!

3. How Do I Navigate and Register?

You can register for NiteFlirt using my referral link and click get 3 free minutes now! 🙂 When you click that button, you’ll see this.

How to use NIteFlirt and register for it

You can register for a NiteFlirt account within 3 minutes! Make your member name anything you want, and type in your email and password. NiteFlirt will send you a confirmation email, and you’re good to go! Note: You don’t have to add your payment information immediately upon registration. If you have any questions about how to use NiteFlirt’s registration, reach out to NiteFlirt directly!

4. How to Use NiteFlirt’s Customer Home Page

After you create your account, you’ll have your own home page like this.

How to use NiteFlirt's home panel
  • The blurred out part is your NiteFlirt username.
  • The mail button is your NiteFlirt inbox, where you can send free messages and also receive free and paid messages from flirts.
    • Note: if a flirt sends you a paid message (also known on NiteFlirt as a pay-to-view mail), you WILL NOT be charged for it unless you specifically click “Send Payment.” Many customers get scared of mail on NiteFlirt thinking that they’ll be charged something randomly when you’ll only be charged if you hit the “Send Payment” button.
  • The File Player button lets you play all your downloaded files from your purchases (custom orders, Goody bags, etc.), and you can organize them by flirt, pictures, audio files, and videos.
  • The leave feedback button is to leave feedback for your paid transactions with a flirt. You can leave up to 3 feedbacks per day per flirt.
  • You can add money at your discretion. There is no minimum or maximum you can have in your balance. If you run out of funds, your call will end, your chat will end, and you will not be able to purchase any more content until you add more funds. If you have concerns about how to use NiteFlirt’s payment system, reach out to them!
  • You can also add your number on the far right should you choose to engage in phone sex. You can honestly use NiteFlirt just for chat and adult content purchases if that’s what you’re into!

5. How Do I Keep Track of All These Flirts?

Here’s my NiteFlirt profile below! You can find me by typing Sitara in the search bar 🙂

You can add a flirt to your favorites by hitting the “Add to Favorites” box on the left side of their listing. When you add someone to your favorites, they get a notification, and you become a part of their mailing list. Once you’ve added a few flirts to your Favorites, you can organize your favorite flirts by name, last transaction, and so on! When learning how to use NiteFlirt, I recommend looking through different flirts and click around in the Goodies section to see what content is out there and to gauge your interests in flirts and fetishes!

6. How Do I Make a Call on NiteFlirt?

You can make a call to any flirt who’s accepting calls like in my image above. If she’s not accepting calls, you can add her to your favorites to see when she’s online to take calls or asking her for her availability! Once you see that she’s on and accepting calls, you can hit the Call Now button and be connected to her via your computer. If you want, you can also contact her directly through her extension, which is featured on the left on every listing.

You can also make a call from selecting someone on your favorites list directly or call NiteFlirt (1-800-863-5478) to be connected to the featured flirts!

Now, like any phone call, there are times when tech issues are real. You could have trouble hearing her, she could have trouble hearing you, the call might drop, and so on. If any of these things happen, adjust your phone or computer settings and communicate with her about the tech issues. Sometimes, if a call drops (it happens), you can simply call her right back up and resume where you two left off.

If you feel like you’re having trouble learning how to use NiteFlirt, reach out to me and reach out to NiteFlirt directly! I can’t wait to have fun with you! Remember, new callers get three free minutes, so sign up TODAY! 🙂



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