Sitara's Handcuffed JOI image preview
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Handcuffed JOI: 11 Minutes of Heaven! Watch the FREE Preview!

Sitara's Handcuffed JOI image preview

Hello world! I’m Sitara, your favorite Indian phone sex operator (PSO) over on NiteFlirt and online dominant nerdy Indian girlfriend! If you’re new to my site, feel free to get to know me. Today, I released a sexy twist of a video: Handcuffed JOI! It’s my longest video so far at 11 minutes, and let’s just say that it involves handcuffs, big tits, and a red shiny dress. 😉

Handcuffed JOI FREE Official Video Preview

Official Handcuffed JOI Video Preview

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Official Handcuffed JOI Video Description:

I’ve always wanted to explore new ways to teasing a cock. I find teasing a dick to be so satisfying. So, in this clip, I get my sexy handcuffs, and I put one cuff on your dick and the other on my right hand.

I’ll be stroking this dick, and you’re only allowed to stroke your dick when I’m touching it. Think you can handle the tease as I start unzipping my dress?

Only one way to find out! 😉

Watch the FREE preview now!

Get this hot steamy Handcuffed JOI video here on AVN Stars, Clips4Sale, and AP Clips!

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Why Handcuffs?

To be honest, I’ve been looking for new interactive ways to do JOI content. There are hundreds of JOI videos out there with all sorts of props, stroking techniques, cock and ball torture, audio effects, outfits, themes, and so on. I am always on the lookout for new ways to tease and deny a cock that so badly wants to stroke for me. I was thinking of things that could easily fit around a cock: a cock ring, a ponytail, a rubber band, a bandana, a bra, and so on.

I have a running list of all things that I could wrap around a cock, including household items like saran wrap, toilet paper, and more. But, I wanted to do something a bit out the box. I was browsing on some porn sites and saw handcuffs were part of some bondage and kink clips. Curious, I looked at different clips, seeing how handcuffs were used, yet, I did not see any handcuffs on a dick.

Then, it hit me. Oh, I can take a pair of handcuffs an put it on a dick! I can make it a Handcuffed JOI by having one cuff on my hand and the other on the cock. Teasing it that way would be something new and a little challenging for me to film since it would be at a whole new angle. I put my artistic skills to work and prayed for no loud sounds outside.

I ended up with this Handcuffed JOI clip just in time, especially since the sexy shiny dress matches the red furry handcuffs and red and black dildo so well! Overall, this is one of my most unconventional clips for now, but that’s my style. 😉

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Future Content Updates!

I will be releasing new content on Sundays, making it Sundays with Sitara! I will try to release an additional clip on Wednesdays as well, but Sundays will definitely have a new clip!

I will try to be going live on Sundays as well on AVN Stars in addition to taking phone calls and chats all Sundays!

I also plan on be live and taking calls on Christmas and New Years! I can’t wait to talk with you!

If you have any suggestions for future content or for times to be available for phone calls or live streams, please let me know by reaching out to me on social media or commenting below!



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