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Your 2021 Hairy Bikini Body Tease Is Finally Here!

Hairy bikini body tease thumbnail

Hi guys! I’m Sitara! Welcome back to my blog!! It has been a MINUTE! *Phew!* This week, I’ll be teasing you with my hairy bikini body in this white string bikini courtesy of Clips4Sale. I’ll also get into why I didn’t make clips for the past few months. Let’s just say that finals were rough, but I made it out alive! I was also super busy taking calls on NiteFlirt over the past two months, and I admit that I didn’t prioritize clips during that time!

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Video Description

It’s summertime, which means I’ll be looking cute all summer and you’re going to enjoy stroking and edging for my bikini body. That’s right, I’m only wearing this white string bikini, and you get to stroke, edge, and goon for my big tits and hairy pussy.

No ass angles in this video, but lots of underboob, side boob, pussy tease, and seduction to keep you stroking all summer for my bikini!

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Get this hairy bikini body tease video on AVNStars, ManyVids, and Clips4Sale!

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Why a Hairy Bikini Body Vid? Video Updates? And More!

Indian hairy pussy tease preview

Oh my God, guys. What a fucking shit show from April to end of May. I am SO SORRY for not making more videos. I’m a very organized person who has her life together, but the world around me definitely does not. .___.,,,

LMFAO. Listen, I will make it up to you all. Promise. I’ve got a TON of content I recorded, and I plan on uploading more vids every Sunday throughout the summer! School has just been a mess, like an unorganized hot mess.

From classes being cancelled to restarted to exams having glitches, I’ve taken online classes before, but my school is honestly a joke and has no idea what they’re doing, even over a full year into the pandemic.

Anyways, I will be taking only one class this summer since my program is allowing me to do so, and ideally, I’ll be graduating by next spring and never step foot into academia again.


OK, bright news. I’ve been taking calls and chats over on NiteFlirt consistently, and my hairy bikini body finally got a string bikini that fits and teases so well! I’ve honestly always wanted a string bikini, and I’m glad Clips4Sale gave me one 😀 I love catching up with my fans and having the best phone sex conversations, so feel free to reach out to me on NiteFlirt!

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Society typically does not appreciate a hairy bikini body, but I think it’s super sexy, and I’m glad I finally get to look cute in a bikini! Other videos coming out this summer include so much tease and worship! I’ve gotten quite a few guys super into my hairy pussy and ass as well lately, so maybe I’ll do some more ass and pussy vids. Thoughts?

If you’ve got any suggestions for any future videos, definitely reach out to me. I personally love hearing from my fans and love talking with all my subbies! Remember, good boys get rewards, and I plan on rewarding a special few later on this summer! 😉

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Sitara is a dominant hairy Indian nerd, phone sex operator, and solo adult clip creator. I specialize in masturbation instruction, body worship, tease and denial, and more! I've been in the adult industry for a few years now, and I look forward to getting to know you!

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