Sitara blending into the first day of fall
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Why I Love the First Day of Fall: 5 Things Autumn Brings

Good day! I’m Sitara, your favorite dominant nerdy Indian girlfriend. If you’re new here, I’m a phone sex operator and adult content creator over on NiteFlirt. In today’s post, I’ll be writing about something more personal – the first day of fall and why I consider autumn my most favorite season! In the comments, let me know what are some things you enjoy about autumn and some of your best autumn experiences!

1. Goodbye Summer, Hello First Day of Fall

Sitara blending into the first day of fall

Frankly, the summer is always a busy season for me. Now, I love the summer, but it’s always such a busy time for me for the past several years. I always make a ton of adult content in the summer, take summer classes (yes grad school offers summer classes!), have to get my car fixed, do apartment repairs, travel, and so on. This summer, I didn’t travel because of COVID-19, but I worked 70+ hour weeks by taking calls and making adult content and going to school full-time! I love the first day of fall since it reminds me that summer is over, the rush of the heat and clamor is starting to slow down.

Now, starting this first day of fall, I will take my time and adjust my schedule for the fall semester for school, for the autumn changes in the wind, for the change in pace for the remaining year. Autumn means that I’ve made it to end of another year, and I’ve learned so much along the way. It’s a time for me to reflect and grow and to take time for myself. It’s a time to reflect and become someone better.

2. Nature Changes

Am I truly the world’s biggest nerd for loving to watch the leaves fall and change color? No seriously, it’s so beautiful, entrancing, and always takes my breath away. One thing I love about the first day of fall is that I often start to see leaves changing colors from green to yellow, red, orange, purple, and more! I never realized how much I loved watching leaves and nature change. The animals scurry around to get ready for the winter, leaves fall on the ground and crisp as you walk by, and the temperature cools, making it nice and relaxing outside. The air gets brisker, the days shorter, the nights longer.

Sitara's breasts in a blue bra with an autumn background

I love watching nature change. It reminds me, in many ways, that I am ready for change. Like with nature, I also change in the autumn by reprioritizing my end of the year goals, by taking more time for myself, and by stopping to look to see how nature changes around me.

3. Autumn Holidays

From the first day of fall, there are so many fantastic holidays to count down to, such as Indigenous People’s Day, Halloween, Veteran’s Day, and Thanksgiving. Several occasions for celebration and remembrance. So many chances for get-togethers and good memories. I personally enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving the most. Halloween is among my favorite holidays since the entire scene appeals to me: the pumpkins, the outfits, the atmosphere of black cats, cobwebs, and all things spooky. Thanksgiving always brings together my family and friends with large meals and happy times.

Happy Halloween with pumpkins

Other holidays also bring days off of school, so that gives me time off to make content and chat with you guys! This year, I’ll be spending it with a few loved ones and spending time with my customers on NiteFlirt! I’ve taken calls on NiteFlirt during the holidays in prior years, but this year, I’ll be focusing exclusively on my calls since I know my customers always enjoy a sultry voice during this season!

4. Bonfires Anyone?

I know with the wildfires blazing on the West Coast that the last thing anyone wants now is another fire. But, hear me out. When the wildfires are done and contained, organized and stable bonfires are actually really nice. Peaceful even (yes, I just said fires can be peaceful). I honestly love looking at fire. It’s so captivating and powerful, yet calming and warm. I love feeling the genuine warmth, listening to the wood crackle, watching the embers flicker. It’s so mesmerizing and relaxing, especially on those cool autumn nights.

Bonfire in autumn

Fires are so stabilizing as well, bringing warmth into an area and relaxing to my eyes. Plus, marshmallows and hot chocolate are always a treat, especially with someone you love to build memories with!

5. Learning and Moving Forward, No Matter What

For many people, the first day of fall doesn’t signify anything much. It’s just another day, another life. For me, I know that the first day of fall signifies steps to closing out the year. It means gathering what I’ve learned and done so far this year and crossing off things that I still want to do. It also means change is in the air, and things will change. Some people are hesitant to change, and that is understandable.

For me, I use autumn as a time to test my change and to grow from change. I know that change is not easy, and I know that things are never as easy as they seem. So, I work smarter, not harder. I test new ways of doing things that I’ve done before. I experiment with more content. I explore new fetishes. I study in new ways. I try new clothes. I create new avenues of income to see if it’s work. I give myself permission to explore new things and to become someone ready for change, like how autumn always has changes.

On this first day of fall, I look back on my successes and struggles this year, and I use autumn to test the waters to see what needs to be done before winter hits. I know that winter starts sometime in December, but frankly, during the last few weeks of December, I kind of just check out and head into the next year. ^__^;; It’s hard for me to stay focused when it’s too cold, especially those brutal New England snowstorms.

What are some things you enjoy most about the fall? I can’t wait to hear from you!



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