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Free Video: Meet Sitara, Your Dominant Nerdy Indian Girlfriend

Meet Sitara, Your Dominant Nerdy Indian Girlfriend free video thumbnail

Hi everyone! I’m Sitara, your favorite Indian phone sex operator (PSO) over on NiteFlirt and online dominant nerdy Indian girlfriend! In today’s article, I’ll be writing about my newest video, Meet Sitara: Your Dominant Nerdy Indian Girlfriend. And you read that title correctly; this video is completely free! That’s right. This is a free five minute video about me in one of my most favorite outfits!

Seriously, It’s Really Free?

Yup. I always wanted to provide my fans and those who are intersted in me with a free video about me so you can get to know more about me, my personality, and what makes me the dominant nerdy Indian girlfriend. I have an about me audio from a few years ago, which is still very relevant since I have not changed much in the past few years frankly.

But, I wanted to provide a free video so you can get a glimpse of Sitara! I know I am more than big breasts, a sexy smile, and an engaging personality, so I will leave the rest at your discretion. Here’s a preview below.

Meet Sitara, Your Dominant Nerdy Indian Girlfriend Free Preview!

Meet Sitara, Your Dominant Nerdy Indian Girlfriend Official Preview

Now, I cannot upload the full free five minute video on my website directly because of bandwidth issues, but I do have it for free on my AVNStars fan club! You don’t have to follow me, subscribe, or do anything to watch the free video. Just click here to watch for free! If you feel so inclined to purchase it, you can do so on Clips4Sale or AP Clips! And you are more than welcome to follow and subscribe to me on AVNStars!

Note that this video does not contain any nudity or sexual themes. It really is just a casual video for you to stare at my gorgeous body and get to know about your dominant nerdy Indian girlfriend! (Also, this video will NOT be available on NiteFlirt since NiteFlirt does not allow animal depictions in their content.)

So, About This Tentacle Girlfriend Vibe

I created this video with one of my most favorite aesthetics in mind. I truly love wearing dark lipstick and have always wanted to wear a sexy black and white gothic style one piece. Being at home for the past seven months does not give me as much time to get dressed and go out like I used to.

I mean, I could go out, but then, I would risk getting COVID-19, so, no thank you! Being home for longer periods of time has led me to spend a lot of time at home working on new content, taking more calls and chats, and refining my passions for the looks I want. I love this outfit so much that I will wear it in later videos coming out this week and into November.

Hairy indian woman wearing red bra and red panties

Even though technically this video has a “Halloween” vibe, I honestly love this style all year around! Granted, my favorite colors are red and black, but white and black also can be a killer look as well. I have been told that black and red are dominant colors, and the black glasses definitely are there for the nerdy look.

Combining both in addition to my love of underwater vibes makes me the ideal dominant nerdy Indian girlfriend! Plus, tentacles can be lots of fun. 😉 Trust me, tentacles are not only for hot hentai. I plan on releasing more videos and picture sets with this outfit, so stay tuned for videos hotter than your hentai stash. Promise!

If you watch this video, leave a comment or send me a line to let me know your thoughts on it!

If you have any suggestions for future content, let me know! I am planning on releasing a new clip every Sunday and maybe Wednesday starting mid-November. Sundays for sure since Sundays with Sitara are a real thing! 😉

Happy Halloween with pumpkins



Your Hairy Dominant Nerdy Indian Girlfriend

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