dominant indian girlfriend in bed
Sultry Sitara

Your Dominant Indian Girlfriend’s First Post!

I’m Sitara, the dominant Indian girlfriend. Welcome to my site and my first blog post! I’m super excited since I love to write. Today, I’m writing so you can get to know about what makes me the best dominant Indian girlfriend on the Internets for your nerdy girl, phone sex, and domination fantasies! Get comfy. 😉

dominant indian girlfriend in bed

Dominant Indian Girlfriend You Say?

Yup, that’s me. I’m Sitara, an Indian sex worker, mostly as a phone sex operator, in my 20s living in America. I’ve been doing phone sex for a few years now, and I’ve started to expand into adult content creation as well. Let’s be honest: I know you’ve jacked off to me before. I am the confident, intelligent, curvy Indian woman you wondered if she truly exists.

See, I’m more than just looks. Sure, I’m relatively lighter skinned, have luscious long Indian hair, curves to keep you entertained for days, especially my big Indian tits (would you believe it if I told you that when I take off my bra, my breasts go down to my waist?), and a hairy body to boot.

I also love exploring several sexual and sensual fantasies, and phone sex has allowed me to explore them so well, especially with my submissive long-term callers! Some of my favorite fantasies involve jerk off instructions, body worship, words of affirmation, wallet destruction, cuckold exploration, feminization, and more! I enjoy making your fantasies a virtual reality.

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Nerdy Women Are Seductive and Dangerous

Almost daily, I get guys asking me what makes me nerdy and what I’m into outside of sex work. Honestly, I’ve read lots of manga (remember those Barnes and Noble and Borders manga sections with all the anime weebs, yup), watched hundreds of anime (currently on the Dragon Ball series and honestly have shows and movies lined up to watch until 2022), visited museums and bookstores in various major global cities (my favorite dates were at museums and book stores!), spent way too much time on the Internets looking at cats, and also read a lot of books (especially on non-fiction, history, and sexual and psychological fetishes).

Want to Know Something Super Nerdy?

I LOVE to code and design. No, seriously. I’ve been trying to write this article for the past hour, but, blogging and editing sure have changed since I started doing this shit years ago. I have years of HTML/CSS and web design experience, but gosh, getting into the details with coding and logistics, whew! So many hours, but so much fun and keeping my coding skills sharp! I remember back in the day when those HTML/CSS tutorial sites were popping around on the Internets, and I was one of those self-starter web design nerds learning about C++, Java, and Dreamweaver.

So, What Makes You a Dominant Indian Girlfriend?

Domination is not just something I do for money – it is my way of life.

Simply put, I’m a no non-sense, confident, secure Indian woman. When you’re engaging in a conversation with me, you will learn your place is to worship, adore, and stroke for me. You will quickly realize that I’m a woman with high standards and high expectations.

I do not tolerate being called a b–ch, s-ut, or any similar terms. If you’re looking for a submissive Indian woman, I recommend you move onto someone else. I have no time for alpha men who want to dominate me or men who are cheap and disrespectful.

I will own, control, and seduce your mind, wallet, and cock. And you will enjoy it. You will enjoy submission and the company of a gorgeous nerdy dominant Indian woman.

My time is precious, and I do not entertain men for free. You will quickly see that your Indian addiction will cost you, and it will be worthwhile. I’m 100% focused on maintaining long-term relationships, taking your input on my work seriously, and reading on the latest trends in domination, phone sex, and adult entertainment.

I am always looking for ways to improve myself and my business and always looking for new ways to seduce and mesmerize you. My voice, my pictures, my content: they will all keep you wanting more. Pushing you to the limits of what it means to truly submit for your dominant Indian girlfriend.

I’ll be doing some blogs later on about using NiteFlirt as a customer, exploring phone sex and phone domination, and the increasing fascination with phone sex and all things virtual sex. Browse through my site. Let me know what you think of it. I love hearing from my fans and clients about their experiences on platforms to connect with me and understand me!



The Internet’s Hairy Indian Domme

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Sitara is a hairy Indian domme who does phone sex and solo adult content creation. She specializes in masturbation instruction, body worship, tease and denial, and more!