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Looking for Custom Erotic Audio?

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Hi! I’m Sitara, and welcome to my blog! Are you looking for something to stimulate your auditory senses? Does the sound of a seductive woman’s voice turn you on, making your cock twitch a bit more or your hands shake in excitement? Have you ever thought of purchasing a custom erotic audio file before? Or maybe you’ve done so previously, and it turned you on so much that you’re considering it again? You’re not alone in your search for auditory viagra and aural satisfaction. I’m Sitara, and I specialize in audio content creation and phone sex.

I’m mostly over on NiteFlirt, but I’m on other platforms as well, like AVN Stars and Clips4Sale. After much thought, I’ve decided to open back up my requests for custom erotic audio files! I’ve created custom audio files prior, and I’ve specialized in audio creation and phone sex for a past year. Honestly, I’ve been very busy adjusting to some health concerns and studying to take requests for most of 2020. Now that I’m more settled with my health (I’m doing much better!) and phone sex schedule, I’m so excited to work on custom files! Customs are so much fun since I love getting to know what you’re into and making that fantasy into an aural reality!

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What is a Custom Erotic Audio?

An erotic audio file is a type of file where someone does something to stimulate you sexually. With my custom erotic audio, I go beyond sexual stimulation and aim for mental stimulation, too. Erotic audios can include many things, such as listening to someone masturbate, describing your body in great detail, replaying a prior sexual escapade, giving detailed cum eating instructions, painting the image of a detailed role play, and more!

I personally enjoy erotic audios based on my favorite phone sex topics, such as jerk off instructions, body worship, dominant Indian girlfriend role plays (professor, boss, girl next door), financial relinquishment, and more! There are hundreds of more topics that I can make the best custom erotic audio about, especially when I add in sound effects and auditory triggers. Some files can be as short as 5 minutes, while I’ve made files as long as 90 minutes.

How Much Will Custom Erotic Audio Cost?

Custom erotic audio rates

How Do I Get My Order or Talk to You About the Details?

Reach out to me on NiteFlirt or AVNStars to set up a custom order! As of now, all custom files will be placed and delivered via NiteFlirt. If you don’t have a NiteFlirt account, you can set one up today in just a few clicks! It’s free to sign up, available in non-U.S. countries, and new customers get 3 free minutes of live phone sex (just in case you need more aural stimulation)! 😉

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All payments done through NiteFlirt are secure, anonymous, and confidential, so your privacy is guaranteed. Payments are not needed until the file is rendered, and I will send you the finalized .mp3 file via a pay-to-view message on NiteFlirt. All orders are completed within 2-4 weeks on a first come, first serve basis.

Be advised that all custom orders are subject to resale on any platform I use at my discretion unless the exclusivity fee is paid.

If you have any questions or concerns about custom erotic audio, reach out to me, and I’d be more than willing to discuss something with you!

P.S. Got any suggestions for audio content ideas that you don’t see on my site? Comment or reach out to me, as I’m always looking for new ideas and new ways to provide the best phone sex and auditory experience possible!

Talk soon!



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Hello, I'm Sitara, your hairy dominant nerdy Indian girlfriend. I'm a phone sex operator and solo adult clip creator. I specialize in masturbation instruction, body worship, tease and denial, and more! I've been in the adult industry for a few years now, and I look forward to getting to know you!

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