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Fun Cum Eating Instruction for Hungry Pervs

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Hello my little eager cum eater 🙂 Welcome! I’m SO EXCITED to release my first ever cum eating instruction vid after getting a lot of requests for it. Now, I’ve dabbled in quite the femdom variety: cock and ball torture, hairy body worship, femdom role plays, and more. But, cum eating instruction seemed kinda eh to me since, well, you should be eating your cum regardless 🙂 And if you’re going to eat it for me, might as well make it into something super edible, like a jello shot of cum 😀

Now, that’s a real creative cum eating instruction tease 😉 So, whether you’re new to the CEI world or have tasted your cum non-stop for years, you’re going to love my CEI tease 😀

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Cum Eating Instruction + Femdom Tease = Super Steamy

Now, unless you’re super brand new to femdom videos or porn, you may have never seen a CEI video before. Basically cum eating instruction or CEI vids involve a guy cumming somewhere, like his hand or coffee mug, and taking that cum for a spin. Cum can be added to your morning cup of coffee or licked up after a hot jerk off session. This CEI involves jello, your hand, and food, but CEI is a fun world of so many possibilities 🙂

I mean, there are so many practical uses for cum! Why waste it? Cum can be used in so many ways and to remind yourself of your naughty behaviors all over again.

So, spill it. Have you ever tasted your cum? Have you ever tasted someone else’s cum? What makes you curious about CEI? What other porn and naughty things are you watching on the Internet lately?

Go ahead and tell me all about your horny little CEI desires and actions NOW!

My inbox is ready 😀

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