Indian woman doing a Cheshire Cat ASMR video
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New Content: 10 Minutes of Cheshire Cat ASMR! Watch My Free Preview!

Indian woman doing a Cheshire Cat ASMR video

Hi everyone! I’m Sitara, your favorite Indian phone sex operator (PSO) over on NiteFlirt and your dominant nerdy Indian girlfriend! In today’s article, I’ll be writing about my newest video, a Cheshire Cat ASMR video titled Cheshire Cat Guides You: Welcome to Wonderland! I also have an accompanying photo set to go with this video, too! 🙂

Now, in case you missed it, I’m a major nerdy Indian anime weeb. No really, I don’t just say I’m nerdy for show! I’ve loved anime, Disney, comics, and museums (just to name a few!) my whole life. Alice in Wonderland is one of my most favorite Disney movies, and I’ve always had a particularly fascination with the Cheshire Cat. Now, this cat does not appear often throughout the movie or book, but has captivated the minds of millions of people.

Watch the Free Preview of Cheshire Cat Guides You: Welcome to Wonderland

Cheshire Cat Guides You: Welcome to Wonderland Free Video Preview

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Official Cheshire Cat ASMR Video Description:

I’m the Cheshire Cat, and I see you stumbled into Sitara’s wonderland! I’m not sure how you got here, but you’re here. And I know you’re scared and confused, wondering what’s going to happen.

It’s simple – you’ll be mesmerized by Sitara’s curves. Her 34DD natural Indian breasts, hairy pussy, and gorgeous ass tease you along the way.

You’re in wonderland, so enjoy your stay! 😉

WARNING: This clip is for entertainment purposes only! There are visual and auditory effects in this clip and preview. Viewer discretion is advised. Sultry Sitara does not claim responsibility for any physical or mental harm upon viewing this content. 

Get this one of a kind Cheshire Cat ASMR video here on AVN Stars, Clips4Sale, and AP Clips!

Why a Cheshire Cat ASMR Video?

Indian woman wearing black lipstick and Cheshire cat ASMR style leggings

I resonate with the simplicity and curiosity manifested in the Cheshire Cat, and I always wanted to create content with one of my favorite Disney Supervillains (I personally do not consider the Cheshire Cat a villain, but some do!). I thought about it and looked into the adult industry to see if there was anything on the Cheshire Cat or Alice in Wonderland. I saw lots of JOI porn for Alice and some furry content and hentai on the Cheshire Cat.

But, I wanted to do something different. Whenever I create content, I like to be different from everyone else because I bring my personality and own twists to my work! I like to be innovative and think of new ways to create something never done before. So, I did it.

I decided to put my erotic audio skills to work and get my camera ready to roll. I decided to make this video a Cheshire Cat ASMR with me being the Cheshire Cat, guiding you into the world of Sitara’s Wonderland. I was originally thinking of being Alice stuck and Cheshire Cat helping me, but I wanted to be the Cat. Cats are so smart, mysterious, and independent, and the Cheshire Cat embodies all those characteristics and more!

Indian woman wearing black lipstick and Cheshire cat AMSR style leggings

I specifically decided on the Cheshire Cat ASMR and mesmerization video since men get so easily lost in Sitara’s wonderland. 😉 My voice, body, and mind leave men in awe, so I wanted to guide them!

Cheshire Cat Photo Set

Cheshire Cat ASMR photo set thumbnail

You can get this photo set on AVN Stars or AP Clips!

Please let me know what you think of this video and photo set in the comments or on my other platforms!

If you have suggestions for any future content, share them with me, as I am always looking for suggestions!

Happy Halloween!



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