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Be the Best Candy Cane Cuck This Christmas 2020!

Candy Cane Cuck video preview thumbnail

Candy Cane Cuck – yes, you read that right! I’m Sitara, your favorite Indian phone sex operator (PSO) over on NiteFlirt! If you’re new to my site, get to know me. With Christmas less than two weeks away, I decided to release my FIRST cuckolding video: Candy Cane Cuck! Read all about this hot steamy clip!

Candy Cane Cuck Official Video Preview

Official Candy Cane Cuck Video Preview

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Official Candy Cane Cuck Video Description:

Have you ever wanted to be a candy cane so badly that you’d do anything just to switch places with it for just a second?

Have you ever seen a woman get so freaky and have so much fun with a candy cane that you just can’t help but stroke yourself, knowing that you’d be nothing, but a good cuck for her?

Watch me have the sexiest snow day with this four foot inflatable candy cane!

I’ll make you the most jealous cuck around since this candy cane will always satisfy me more than your little candy cane.

Be a good cuck and watch my pleasure myself as you stroke mindlessly!

Get this sexy Candy Cane Cuck video here on AVN Stars, Clips4Sale, NiteFlirt, and AP Clips!

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Why a Candy Cane Cuck Video?

So, I know I did a candy cane inflation video last week, and that was a first for me! I wanted to do a candy cane tease video originally, but I wanted to know how to tease a guy. See, teasing can be done in many ways. And one thing I love the most is to tease in a unique way. Sure, there are LOTS of inflatables and cuckolding porn. You can Google both and get hundreds of porn videos, GIFs, and images.

However, I wanted to do something that I had not done before and something that really was not done often in porn. I loved having fun with my candy cane after blowing it up. It was so nice to feel something so squishy on my thighs and arms. I decided to have fun with it! I turned on my camera and started recording myself playing with this candy cane in between my breasts, feeling it in between my pussy and ass cheeks, and giving it a whirl on my bed.

I was having the time of my life, just relaxing and being myself, and I thought, hmmmm, so is this more of a tease? A cuck situation? A you-wish-you-could-be-here deal? I thought about it, and came up with Candy Cane Cuck since I know you’d LOVE to be where my candy cane went! 😉

Plus, I get a ton of cuck guys calling me over on NiteFlirt, and for me, I’ve always been interested in the cuckold dynamic. It can mean so many different things for so many cucks, bulls, alphas, betas, stags, and women in between. I plan on exploring cuckolding clips in the future!

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Where in the World Is Sultry Sitara?

I will be releasing new content on Sundays, making it Sundays with Sitara! I will try to release an additional clip on Wednesdays as well, but Sundays will definitely have a new clip!

I will try to be going live on Sundays as well on AVN Stars in addition to taking phone calls and chats all Sundays!

I also plan on be live and taking calls on Christmas and New Years! I can’t wait to talk with you!

If you have any suggestions for future content or for times to be available for phone calls or live streams, please let me know by reaching out to me on social media or commenting below!



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Your Hairy Dominant Indian Nerd

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