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9 Minutes of Sexy Black Lingerie JOI: Get the FREE Preview!

Nerdy Indian Girlfriend Sitara's Black Lingerie JOI thumbnail

Hi everyone! I’m Sitara, your favorite Indian phone sex operator (PSO) over on NiteFlirt and online dominant nerdy Indian girlfriend! If you’re new here, feel free to get to know me. Today I released my newest video: Black Lingerie JOI. It’s nine minutes of you jerking for my sexy tits, ass, and body in bed. How long can you last before cumming? 😉

Black Lingerie JOI Official Free Preview

Black Lingerie JOI Official Preview

Get this sexy, cock throbbing Black Lingerie JOI video here on AVN Stars, Clips4Sale, and AP Clips!

Official Black Lingerie JOI Description:

Hello, I’m Sitara!

I know you’re here because you’re looking to stroke your cock to something exciting, captivating, and enticing.

You’ve been lurking and stroking, and you found me: a nerdy Indian woman wearing a black lace bra, a black lace thong, and black lipstick in bed.

Sit back, place a hand on your cock, and get comfortable.

In this video, I will guide you to stroke your cock for my sexy black lace lingerie with closeups on my bra and thong!

Satisfying your stroke addiction with a hot Indian woman in black lingerie is just a click away!

Get this sexy, cock throbbing Black Lingerie JOI video here on AVN Stars, Clips4Sale, and AP Clips!

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Why Black Lingerie and JOI?

I personally love black lingerie. Black and red are my most favorite colors, and I finally got my sexy black bra, so I was DYING to record this! Black definitely highlights my curves, and I also truly enjoy lace. Lace feels so soft and smooth on my skin, and I truly love the way black brings out my sex appeal. I plan on buying some more black lace lingerie later on since I have quite a few pairs of bra and panties to get through! 😉

I decided to do a Black Lingerie JOI instead of some other worship or video style since I wanted to get my feet wet in JOI videos. I have experience with JOI audios and providing JOI on the phone via NiteFlirt, but this was my first real JOI video!

Sitara's feedback on her phone sex conversations

I specialize in audio creation and sound effects, so I really wanted to bring this video to life with my video and audio effects. I truly enjoyed filming and editing this clip, as it is my first JOI clip. Plus, I always love JOI. It’s such a dominating effect knowing that I’m telling a man how to stroke his cock for me.

And many men enjoy stroking their cock for me, leaking pre-cum all over, getting their balls nice and full, waiting for me to tell them when they can release (if they are allowed to release), and watching them edge and goon for me. Stroking until you realize a nice big load is always lots of fun! 😉

Want to see the accompanying black lingerie photo set? Get it on AVN Stars and NiteFlirt today!

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Future Content and Live Updates!

I will be releasing new content on Sundays, making it Sundays with Sitara! I will try to release an additional clip on Wednesdays as well, but Sundays will definitely have a new clip!

I will try to be going live on Sundays as well on AVN Stars in addition to taking phone calls and chats all Sundays!

I also plan on be live and taking calls on all major holidays this year, yes, that includes Thanksgiving and Christmas! I can’t wait to talk with you!

If you have any suggestions for future content or for times to be available for phone calls or live streams, please let me know by reaching out to me on social media or commenting below!



Your Hairy Dominant Indian Nerd

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