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Ass Sniffing Fetish – What You Crave for Your 5 Senses

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Have you ever heard of the ass sniffing fetish? Or ever gotten a thought of wanting to sniff or smell someone’s ass? Or just get really turned on the the thought or sight of ass? On the other hand, maybe you’re just surfing the Internet and stumbled upon a new type of fetish for your curious mind. You’re not alone! The ass sniffing fetish is a very common fetish, desire, kink – you name it. Some people consider the ass sniffing fetish taboo. Some people consider it an every day part of arousal and pleasure.

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Whatever it is, the ass sniffing fetish is definitely a popular one in the world of mainstream porn, BDSM scenes, and female domination.

Watch my FREE video preview and description below for my sexy ass sniffing quick fix video and continue reading to learn what ass smelling does to your five senses! 😉

Ass Sniffing Quick Fix Video Preview and Description

Have you ever wanted to sniff my thick natural curvy hairy ass? In this quick clip, you’ll learn exactly how to be my best ass sniffer and know whose ass truly owns you! 😉

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Your Ass Sniffing Fetish Explained

Did my ass make you a little weak? 😉

It’s ok, when it comes to ass, it can be a little tempting. Here are some ways an ass sniffing fetish reaches all of your senses!

Sense of touch

If you’ve ever felt ass cheeks right next to your nose, oh my God. To begin with, it feels like heaven rubbing against your face. Feeling your nose against those ass cheeks just makes you so excited, so happy, and also probably just a little horny!

Using your nostril to slide along those ass cheeks just makes you delve even further into your ass sniffing fetish. Of course, you can use your hands to feel that ass as well, but knowing that you are there to only sniff makes it even hotter. More restrictive and seductive, which can be fun for everyone! Whatever it is, know that your sense of touch is oh so powerful and turned on so much when you see ass!

Sense of Smell, Perfect for Ass Sniffers

Definitely one of the most heightened senses in the world of ass sniffing fetish and desire is the smell. Some people are truly aroused by the smell of ass hair, ass cheeks, ass sweat, or farts! Also, some people are only aroused by the ass cheeks alone or farts alone. Whatever it is, in the world of ass smelling and sniffing, your sense of smell can drive your passions into pure ecstasy. Overall, an ass’s aroma can truly be intoxicating and leave you speechless and wanting oh so much more.

Sense of Sight

If you’re on your knees and getting smothered by a thick ass, you can imagine your vision just zoomed in on those ass cheeks. It’s definitely a view to remember! For instance, maybe you just love zooming into the creases of someone’s ass, seeing those ass hairs up close and personal, or just love seeing nothing, but butt (get it?!).

Sense of Hearing

Yes, the sounds of butt cheeks grinding against your face, your nose getting bumped against that ass crease. Getting lost in the sheets rustle and the deep inhales. Just hearing ass cheeks smack and jiggle as you sniff them is music to your ears.

Sense of Taste

In addition to the ass sniffing fetish, there’s also the ass licking fetish. On the other hand, if your tongue and nose have game, you can do both simultaneously! 😉

Which of your senses is the most excited when you sniff that ass? Let me know!

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