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Sitara, Sexy Indian XXX Tease Answers 10 Questions

1. How Did Sitara Get Into Phone Sex?

To be frank, I became Sitara when I stumbled upon phone sex completely by accident in 2018, but I kinda knew I wanted to be in sex work for many years prior. I knew there were lots of ways to explore my sexuality and dominance, but I wanted to be comfortable in the path I chose. I looked into different sex work paths, such as camming, stripping, escorting, and sugaring. 

After much research, I decided that phone sex and content creation where my main loves. Knowing my dominant nature, I also wanted to explore domination safely and consensually and build long-lasting relationships with my clients. I also wanted to explore auditory content since I always loved the power of my voice and the power of sound. 

As I started to take more calls, create new content, and respond to feedback from my callers, I decided to embrace my dominant nature future and explore more intimate domination fantasies. In my time as a phone sex operator, I’ve learned more about fetishes and desires and what I’m into, and every day I learn something new (which is perfect for my nerdy self!). You can also listen and read about my discussions on engaging in phones and getting into sex work in my media features!

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2. Why Phone Sex? Why not Cam or Porn or Something Else?

Honestly, I love one on one conversations. Sure, I have thought about cam and mainstream adult talent agencies, but I prefer working on my own schedule and maintaining anonymity. It’s more fun this way! Cam is something I will consider for very few and select long-term customers. Mainstream porn, probably not, since I’d rather work for myself than any company at this time!

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3. Why Don’t You Show Your Eyes?

To maintain privacy, plus, I like to keep you on the edge with my anonymity!

4. What Do You Study?

I earned my BSW (Bachelors in Social Work) and am working on my masters in business (which might go into a PhD later on).

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5. So, is Sitara like Indian from India?

Yes, I am ethnically Indian, both of my parents are from India. I live in the United States presently.

6. Are Sitara’s Pictures Real?

Anything made by Sitara is a real picture of Sitara! I’m as real as you can get. I don’t use filters or have any body enhancements. My breasts, ass, and all over are completely natural. So, is my hairiness! 😉

7. What Did Sitara Do Before Sex Work?

Prior to sex work, I worked in coding, image editing, marketing, accounting, and bookkeeping. Yes, I was definitely that super nerdy Indian co-worker that got a few guys hard in the office, especially with my low-cut button downs! 😉 

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8. What Does Sitara Do Outside of Work?

Honestly, I’m a major nerd. I study a lot during the semesters (I’m still in school), I fuck alpha men of color who know how to treat me and pay me with the respect and money I deserve (when there’s not a pandemic), and I read a lot (like a book a month and a few newspapers daily). I’m a no-nonsense woman who likes to keep busy and move forward in life. I’m always trying to learn new things, get to know new people, and be aware of the latest economic, social, and technological trends!

9. What Does Sitara Love Outside of Sex Work?

Museums: The Smithsonian museums are among my favorites, in addition to science, natural history, and arts museums. I also enjoy unique museums depicting a local city or town’s history. 

Anime: My personal favorites are Naruto, Gintama, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragon Ball series, Rurouni Kenshin, Ghost in the Shell, and FullMetal Alchemist, and I try to keep up with the latest anime and manga releases. I’m currently re-watching Dragon Ball Super and plan to watch One Punch Man afterwards!

Literature: I personally love works of non-fiction, autobiographies, and history; a few favorites are Killing the Black Body and Making Ethnic Choices.

Comics: DC and Marvel, but I prefer Batman to Superman. Spiderman and Deadpool are cool, too! 😉

Foods: I love Indian, Thai, and Mexican food.

10. How can I get in contact with Sitara?

Feel free to contact me on NiteFlirt, ManyVids, or LoyalFans! Protection Status

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