Indian Domme Sitara and her sexy cleavage

Indian Domme Sitara Answers Your 10 Questions

1. How Did an Indian Domme Get Into Phone Sex?

Sitara stumbled upon phone sex completely by accident in 2018, but she kinda knew she wanted to be in sex work for many years prior. She knew there were lots of ways to explore her sexuality and prowess as an Indian Domme. She looked into different sex work paths, such as camming, stripping, escorting, and sugaring. 

After much research, she decided that phone sex and content creation where my main loves. Knowing her hairy Indian domme vibe, she also wanted to explore domination safely and consensually and build long-lasting relationships with clients.

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2. Why Phone Sex? Why not Cam or Porn or Something Else?

Honestly, Sitara loves one on one conversations. Sure, she have thought about cam and mainstream adult talent agencies, but she prefers working on her own schedule and maintaining anonymity. It’s more fun this way! Mainstream porn is something she will not consider presently since she’d rather work for herself than with any companies.

P.S. Let’s stay in touch 🙂 I only send 2-4 emails a month!

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3. Why Don’t You Show Your Eyes?

To maintain privacy, plus, Sitara likes to keep you on the edge with my anonymity!

4. What Do You Study?

Sitara earned her BS in Business Administration and is working on her MBA presently.

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5. So, Are You like an Indian Domme from India?

Yes, Sitara is a real Indian domme, as she is ethnically Indian and she lives in the United States currently. She has never lived in India and does not speak any Indian languages.

6. Are Sitara’s Pictures Real?

Anything made by Sitara is a real picture of her! She’s as real as you can get. She doesn’t have any body enhancements. Her breasts, ass, and all over are completely natural. So, is all the hairiness! 😉

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7. What Does Sitara Do Outside of Work?

She loves to travel, eat Thai food, do yoga, visit museums, and enjoy anime.

8. Does Sitara offer any in-person services?

Sitara does not offer any in-person services and does not plan to do so.

9. Why are you on XVids, but not PornHub?

PornHub’s traffic isn’t what it used to be. Plus, they don’t pay me. XVids pays Sitara 🙂

10. How can I get in contact with you?

Feel free to contact me on NiteFlirt, ManyVids, or LoyalFans! Protection Status

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