Sitara's sexy calendar cover preview on Etsy
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Sitara’s 2021 Sexy Calendar Cover and More About Her!

Hi everyone! I’m Sitara, your favorite Indian phone sex operator (PSO) over on NiteFlirt and your dominant nerdy Indian girlfriend! In today’s spur of the moment article, I will be writing about my newest venture, being featured on a a sexy calendar cover alongside other sex workers with disabilities. Yes, I am a sex worker with a disability, and in today’s post, I will talk about this part of my life that I rarely have shared before and how I got selected to be on this sexy calendar cover!

Let’s Look at This Sexy Calendar Cover!

Sitara's sexy calendar cover preview on Etsy

You’ll get a better view of my tits when you get the hardcopy! 😉 You can purchase this calendar on Etsy for $20! This calendar features sex workers with disabilities ranging from depression to ostomy pouches and more! Founded by the lovely Go Ask Alex, she made a tweet looking for sex workers to be in this calendar a few weeks ago.

Curious, I emailed her, and I wondered if I actually had a shot at being in this calendar. It seemed too good to be true. She responded, and within a few weeks, it was decided that I would be among others featured on this sexy calendar cover! In addition, each month of the year features a new sex worker.

Sure, I will not get my own month since I’m on the cover, but who cares? I’m on a fucking cover with other amazing sex workers, and it’s a sexy calendar cover! Why would I pass up this opportunity? It’s so badass!

Wouldn’t you agree? I mean, when was the last time you saw an Indian woman on a sexy calendar cover? Let alone a sex worker calendar? Let alone a sex worker with disabilities calendar?

The Disabled Sex Workers Calendar creator GoAskAlex

About My Disabilities

One thing that many customers and other sex workers do not know about me is that I have high-functioning depression. Yes, I am VERY high energy, putting my all into my phone calls, social media posts, livestreams, and so on, I end up taking A LOT of time for myself to recover from all these activities.

In a typical day, I can write a blog post, update my website, have sexy and dominating conversations on the phone and via chat, engage with customers on Reddit and AVN Stars, cook, clean, make new content, AND still have time to rest. A lot. All of what you see is a result of a lot of sleep and time to myself needed for my high-functioning depression.

In addition, I also have a gastrointestinal disorder, a condition that affects my gut lining and how I digest food. Basically, I have major stomach pains and trouble digesting different types of foods. Not bad enough that I can’t eat everything, but definitely need to monitor what I eat, my stress levels, and my workload, or else my intestines will make me feel like crap!

But, that doesn’t stop me. I make time to de-stress, realign my priorities, and focus on me and my career as a sex worker. I take each day at a time, set realistic goals, and aim to be the best each day!

Happy Halloween with pumpkins

Future Content and Live Updates!

Starting the first week of November, I will be releasing new content on Sundays, making it Sundays with Sitara! I will try to be going live on Sundays as well on AVN Stars in addition to taking phone calls and chats all Sundays!

I also plan on be live and taking calls on all major holidays this year, yes, that includes Thanksgiving and Christmas! I can’t wait to talk with you!

If you have any suggestions for future content (maybe another sexy calendar cover if the opportunity arises!) or for times to be available for phone calls or live streams, please let me know by reaching out to me on social media (preferably AVN Stars or Reddit since Twitter does not show my all my DMs) or commenting below!

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