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Hairy Indian Domme Sitara for Phone Sex, Chat, and XXX Clips

Welcome, I’m Sitara, the Internet’s hairy Indian domme! 

Sitara is a solo adult entertainer specializing in sensual femdom, hairy body worship, and creative jerk off instructions. She offers phone conversations, chat, 160+ solo videos, and 40+ erotic audio clips. With 5+ years experience in the adult industry cultivating her niche in female domination, Sitara is a force within the world of virtual female domination.

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What Kind of Videos Does Sitara Have?

Sitara’s main video categories include masturbation humiliation, jerk off instruction, hairy body worship, and sensual female domination! She also has videos for cuckies, cock and ball torture (CBT) guys, and more!

Here are some of my best selling clips so far 😉

Masturbation Humiliation Clips

Jerk Off Instruction Clips

Hairy Body Worship Clips

What Makes Sitara a Hairy Indian Domme?

I get it. You’ve been on the Internet for a while now and seen a lot of porn, many women, and possibly several femdoms. What makes me unique is that I am Indian (though I live in the USA presently), I’m hairy all over (I don’t shave or trim anywhere), and I take domination into my own hands. My style of domination involves getting to know you and understand how weak and horny you really are 🙂

I also want to note that I am not a trained Dominatrix or pro-Domme. I do not offer any in-person services, and I never have. Whatever I do in my content is a result of my lived experiences, my desire to learn more about what makes you tick, and my drive to delve deeper into your mind. Understand that any encounters with me are for entertainment purposes only. Be aware that my smile and big tits are one thing, and my ability to weave a web of psychological domination is even more complex.

You’ve been warned. Welcome to my world.

Hairy Indian domme Sitara shows off her cleavage and smile

So, How Hairy Are You?

I’m truly a hairy Indian domme with a completely natural body, large natural breasts, no tattoos, and no piercings. I have hairy arms, hairy legs, hairy armpits, a hairy pussy, and hairy ass.

Hairy Indian nerd Sitara in purple lingerie

P.S. Let’s stay in touch 🙂 I only send 2-4 emails a month!

Please note that you may unsubscribe at anytime. Sultry Sitara does not share your email with anyone.

Wait. What’s Phone Sex?…

Phone sex with me is a phone conversation that leads to a very memorable ending! There are many types of calls, such as casual platonic conversations or a steamy jerk off instructions call.

Sometimes, one person is silent and the other person is completely aroused (this is known as an ignore fetish request or silent call). On the other hand, phone sex can involve mutual masturbation, the use of sex toys, or the complete immersion into a very detailed role play.

At my core, I love getting to know all about you, which is why I love phone sex! When we communicate, I give you 100% of my attention, making the connection very personal and genuine.

If you’ve always wanted to be teased of dominated by a true hairy Indian domme, now’s your chance! New callers get 3 FREE minutes on NiteFlirt!

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I Can’t Believe Phone Sex Still Exists?! How Did You Get Into It?

I stumbled upon phone sex completely by accident in 2018, but I kinda knew I wanted to be in sex work for many years prior. I looked into different sex work paths, such as camming, stripping, escorting, and sugaring. 

After much research, I decided that phone sex and content creation where my main loves. I also wanted to explore domination safely and consensually and build long-lasting relationships with my clients. I truly wanted to explore auditory content since I always loved the power of my voice and the power of sound. 

In my time as a phone sex operator, I’ve learned more about fetishes and desires and what I’m into, and every day I learn something new.

So, what are you into? 🙂

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